About The Artist

Since childhood I have been intrigued by three dimensional art.
 Now, I create my own sculptures in a variety of mediums including bronze, marble, aluminum and stained glass, and cast glass.

My fascinating kinetic, aluminum and stained glass Oracle series, have been placed in residential, commercial, and public settings. These intriguing sculptures move with the breezes, and cast their colors on the surrounding areas. The Oracle sculptures can be seen in the city halls of Lakeland, Florida, Farmington, Michigan, Sterling Heights, Michigan, each having a different design.
The latest creation in this series is called the butterfly, with unlimited colors and shapes suitable for all viewers to enjoy.

The fluid grace of the female form is captured in exciting polished stainless steel and innovative bronze in my figurative series. I have won several awards with such sculptures as Gorgeous, Gentleness, Queenie, and Isadora – in bronze, cast glass, and stainless steel. As with all my sculptures, no two pieces are ever identical, giving each sculpture its own distinctive identity.

My award winning bronze Control Mime series represents three basic personality traits. The first would be the hand as a metaphor for the sub conscious, which of course controls our behavior. Our subconscious is a development of our life experiences, therefore, until we learn how and why our subconscious is what it is, we may find it difficult to grow and mature enough to balance ourselves for our fullest potential.

The Mime mask is the mask behind which we all hide some part of our personality. We will not allow anyone to see behind the mask because we would become completely vulnerable at that time.

The third element is the various hats we wear depending upon the individuals that we are relating to.

My control series has been installed in residential, commercial, and public places, as well. The control mime series sculptures can be viewed at the Farmington Library, the Jewish Community Center, both in West Bloomfield, Michigan and Oak Park, Michigan, as well as the world headquarters of the Astra Zeneca drug company in Wilmington, Delaware. This Mime series is owned by collectors throughout the country and overseas.The bronze Mime sculptures vary in size from 3 ft. high to nearly to 20 ft. high.

As you view my website you will see sculptures that are metaphorical and allegorical. My Feminist series, done in either bronze, cast glass, and stainless steel have been well accepted by art collectors. My High Tech series, also available in sculptures created in either bronze, cast glass, and stainless steel is a metaphorical grouping that has been enjoyed by art lovers for many years. Most recently I have been creating a ballet series featuring ballet dancers created in bronze, and dressed in fabric costumes. These enchanting sculptures are in a dynamic state of movement, as if in an actual ballet on stage.